Do you think you know the e-bike?
Think again, you will have no idea until you try it. I was the first to have preconceived ideas, but I was very surprised from the first minutes I got on it. In fact, this one is built like a real mountain bike, but with an extra battery.

The e-bike doesn’t do all the work for you. Rather, it is helping you. With every pedal stroke, it’s like someone is giving you a little push in the back. In addition, this support can increase thanks to the 4 levels of propulsion speed of the bike.

The back-up battery range can cover up to 80 km on flat terrain, but will vary depending on the gradient and the level of propulsion used. Using this type of bicycle allows you to cover more kilometers, explore new trails that you did not think you were fit enough, or visit places that were previously inaccessible.

And that’s not all, the e-bikes used at D-Tour are fat bikes. The latter are 4 inch wide oversized tire bikes. Although many believe that these bikes are only for riding on snow, they were originally created to ride on uneven or soft surfaces, such as snow, but also sand. More and more people are also using them in the summer because they offer better stability and allow them to pass rocky or rooted passages very smoothly. So it at least allows reckless fun to have so much fun.

Two types of tours are available. Thee-BIKE DISCOVERY will transport you to discover three of Mont-Tremblant’s poles without too much physical effort; Domaine St-Bernard, Station Mont Tremblant and the Village. Everyone will be delighted by the tranquility of the trails at Domaine St-Bernard, by the beauty of the river running alongside the multifunctional and by the charm of the Village.

While the ADVENTURE e-BIKE excursion is reserved for the most daring. The 35 km circuit will take you to Mont-Tremblant National Park via a mountain bike trail that will take you to a fabulous viewpoint.

Otherwise, a tailor-made tour can be built to meet all expectations and provide the best of experiences.

In short, you have no excuse not to try it. A unique experience that will make you smile.

By Valérie Goyette