Here is a list of items to plan for a small winter hike of about 2 to 5 hours.

First of all, you have to understand the layering system or as it is called here in Quebec, the onion skinsystem. This system will allow you to remove or add layers depending on the outside temperature and your body temperature.

Layers :

– The underwear, very important, is the basis. You should bring a combination, either in merino wool for extreme cold or synthetic fibers such as polyester. The idea is that if you sweat, the sweat diffuses.

– A slightly warmer jacket that will serve as a layer of insulation. There are several alternatives, either a fleece jacket, or even primaloft (synthetic material that replaces down). However, when the temperatures are very cold (-20 and above), down is the best solution to keep you warm.

– And the third layer, will be your protection, anti-wind, anti-snow, anti-rain …

The most recognized textile is the famous Gore-Tex, but of course there are others. The term used to describe this garment is not windproof, or waterproof, in fact we are talking about a Shellhere. You will find it in all outdoor retailers.

What to wear in his feet?

When it comes to your socks, once again, synthetic fiber wins the charts, since it allows moisture to be wicked away. Little wet feet are really uncomfortable …

The shoes …
So there, we could talk about it for a long time. The ideal is to have waterproof, warm and comfortable shoes. Shoes are something very personal, but for people who are cautious (since it is often these people who worry about it), I advise you to have synthetic fiber stockings, boots with slippers. removable markers. The trick is to dry your markers after each physical activity.

Finally, don’t forget to bring water … and to make sure the water doesn’t freeze, fill your container with hot water.

PS: A thermal flask helps keep your H2O in a liquid state.