Activities Summer

Join one of our guided hiking tours to discover the most beautiful views in Mont-Tremblant.  There are trails for all skill and fitness levels to ensure the most enjoyable experience.


Only fifteen minutes from Mont-Tremblant, there is the always charming Green Mountain.  No matter the season or the weather, this mountain offers breath-taking views of the spectacular Mont-Tremblant as well as its lake.  An absolute must for every visitor.

Duration 3 hours
Difficulty Intermediate
Distance 4.5 km
Group (4 people +) $57
Private (2-3 people) $99
Included Round-trip transportation from your hotel, private guide and snack at the top.


This tour explores the surrounding area of Mont-Tremblant with a e-bike (electrically assisted bike). You will browse hilly circuits along La Riviere de la Diable and you will venture by trail through forest.  By the end you will have been enamored by all the charms of Mont-Tremblant. You’ll also certainly have the chance to tame small birds or our famous white-tailed deer.

Duration 2 - 2.5 hours
Difficulty Easy to moderate
Distance +- 22km
Guided $87
Private $115
Minimum 2 people
Included Local guide, e-bike, helmet and access fee
Notes All participants must be at least 14 years of age and +, and must be of size greater than 5 feet (152 cm).


This guided tour allows you to admire the most coveted natural attractions of the Mont-Tremblant National Park: Lake Monroe, the Crooked waterfalls, the Diable waterfalls and more! This complete tour is designed to explore the largest park in the province of Quebec and also escape for a few hours to get a good dose of nature.

Duration 4 - 5 heures
Difficulty Easy
Distance 60 minutes walking (approx.)
Group (4 people +) $69,00
Private (2-3 people) $102,00
Minimum 2 people
$7,60 discount is applicable to 17 yrs old & under
Included Return transportation, guide-driver, Mont-Tremblant National Park access fee and snack.


Explore nearly 20 kilometers of mountain bike trails during this personalized e-fatbike tour. The size of the terrain you will travel and the ease with which you will climb up all the hills will astonish and delight you. No matter what level mountain biker you are, beginner to intermediate, our guides will show you a thrilling ride with an itinerary adapted to suit your needs, your abilities and your motivation.

Duration 2 - 2.5 hours
Difficulty Intermediate
Distance +- 20 km
Group (4 people +) $92,00
Private (2 - 3 people) $120,00
Included Local guide, e-bike, helmet and trails access fee.
Notes All participants must have a basic knowledge of cycling. Must be at least 14 years of age and be of size greater than 5’ foot (152 cm)). 


Canoe or kayak down the calm waters of Devil River, a peaceful ride that will allow you to discover some unique scenery. This half a day trip will amaze you with its spectacular scenery and sandy beaches that invite you to relax while contemplating a silver maple forest, the rock wall of the Vache Noire and the aquatic life.

Duration Self-guided 4 hours | Guided 3 hours
Difficulty Easy
Double $65,75 / pers.
Single $81,50 / pers.
Guided $90,95 / pers.
$7,60 discount is applicable to 17 yrs old & under
Included Return transportation from you hotel, park access fee, canoe or kayak, paddles and life jacket.


The tour starts at the North Side with a climb on an intermediate mountain biking trail that leads to a splendid view point. Short break and then start the descent to the south. Once at the base of the mountain, ride back to the Old Village thru the mountain biking trails network, near the Diable River.

Duration 3 heures
Difficulty Intermediate
Distance +- 20 km
Group (4 pers. +) $109,00
Private (2-3 pers.) $167,00
Included One way shuttle, local guide, e-fatbike and helmet
Notes All participants must have a basic knowledge of cycling. Must be at least 14 years of age and be of size greater than 5’ foot (152 cm). 


With this e-bike adventure you explore a thirty-five kilometer circuit that takes you through Mont-Tremblant National Park. The tour starts on the Villagers Circuit along Devil’s River. Then take an intermediate mountain bike trail that leads you over to the north side of Mont Tremblant. After the descent, reach the hilly route of Lake Superior and dive right back into the forest on a discreet undiscovered path. A well-deserved break awaits you at Monroe Lake on your way out of the woods before returning aboard the D-Tour Shuttle.


Duration 4 - 5 hours (3 hours biking)
Difficulty Intermediate - Advanced
Distance +- 35 km
Group (4 people +) $157
Private (2-3 people +) $209
Included Local guide, e-fatbike, helmet, park and trails access fee, lunch, snack and return transportation.
Notes All participants must be at least 18 years of age and/or have a Class 6D Driver’s License (permit for driving a moped)


Enthusiasts of beautiful views, you will be amaze by the Via Ferrata Du Diable course, built on the rock wall of the Vache Noire at the entrance of Mont-Tremblant National Park. At an altitude of 200 m, you’ll cross beams, bridges, and footpaths overhanging the winding Devil River.

Duration 3 hours | 4 hours | 5 hours
Difficulty Easy | Intermediate | Difficult
Distance 500m | 800m | 1000m
Excursion (adult 18yrs +) $84,95 (Child 8-17yrs) $65,75
Intermediate (adult 18yrs +) $99,95 (Youth 14-17yrs) $77,00
Escape (adult 18yrs +) $119,95 (Youth 14-17yrs) $92,00
Sunset (adult 18yrs +) $104,95 (Youth 14-17yrs) $80,75
Included Return transportation from your hotel, your via ferrata package and the park access fee.