About us

Organize activities, create customized packages and offer unforgettable experiences while having fun on a daily basis: that’s what we do at D-Tour.


D-Tour was born of Audrey’s passion for travel, the outdoors and the tourism industry. She is constantly seeking authentic experiences and new horizons. Audrey built her professional career with the desire to create WOW moments for visitors coming to Mont-Tremblant, a region that has charmed her with a surprising range of activities, unique people and surprises around every corner.

Pierre-Patrick guide D-TourA passionate outdoor enthusiast with several expeditions to his credit, Pierre-Patrick is always full of projects and is constantly on the lookout for novelty. His most recent revelation was the e-bike, a power-assisted bike that allows him to explore new horizons at an astounding speed. He looks forward to sharing this new passion with you and helping you discover the best kept secrets of Mont-Tremblant.

With more than one story in his bag, Mitch will know how to guide you on a unique experience which everyone in your group will appreciate. A traveller at heart, he spent several years working serving travellers in many countries. Resident of Mont-Tremblant since 1999, he now shares his expertise and his passion for the tourism industry with you and all the members of our team.