Join one of our guided hiking tours to discover the most beautiful views in Mont-Tremblant.  There are trails for all skill and fitness levels to ensure the most enjoyable experience.


A getaway for anyone who wants to enjoy nature and a quiet moment away from the crowds.  Escape to the mountains during this short guided hike through forest.  Enjoy a pic-nic over-looking Mont-Tremblant Lake.  Take in the waterfall and fresh air, before returning to the heart of the action.

Duration 1 1/2 - 2 hours (1 hour hike)
Difficulty Easy
Distance 2,4 km
Group (4 people+) $45
Private (2 - 3 people.) $69
Minimum 2 people
Included Private guide and Pic-Nic Lunch


Only fifteen minutes from Mont-Tremblant, there is the always charming Green Mountain.  No matter the season or the weather, this mountain offers breath-taking views of the spectacular Mont-Tremblant as well as its lake.  An absolute must for every visitor.

Duration 3 hours
Difficulty Intermediate
Distance 4.5 km
Group (4 people +) $57
Private (2-3 people) $99
Included Round-trip transportation from your hotel, private guide and snack at the top.


This hike to the Laurentians Summits is designed for those looking to adventure from the vast Mont-Tremblant National Park to the vibrant pedestrian village of the Mont Tremblant resort.

Departing from Mont-Tremblant National Park en route to the highest peaks of the Laurentians, via an enchanting path that quickly takes up to the heart of the Laurentian forest.  We enjoy a pic-nic lunch at the top of the Peak Johannsen before continuing onto the Mont Tremblant Resort.  We end our tour contemplating the exceptional views from the summit before quickly returning to the gondola and descending to the pedestrian village.

Duration 5 - 7 hours (3 to 4 hours of hiking)
Difficulty Intermediate to Advanced
Distance 11.5 km
Group (4 pers. +) $94,75
Private (2-3pers.) $142
Minimum 2 people
Included Transportation to departure point by shuttle, access to Mont-Tremblant National Park, private guide, panoramic descent by Gondola and lunch box.