e-FATBIKE Rental

Explore Mont-Tremblant fatbike trails with a winter bike electrically-assisted.


1 HOUR 40$
2 HOURS 65$
DAY 95$


– A piece of ID and a deposit of $250 is required for the rental of an e-fatbike.
– All participants must be at least 14 years of age and be of size greater than 5’ foot (152 cm)

About e-fatbike:
With oversized tires and low air pressure, the fatbike allows you to ride on compacted snow. The addition of electrical assistance while riding amplify the performance by 25% to 300% of the power you deploy, essentially making the rider a “bionic cyclist”. Different from many electronic scooters that not require physical effort and rarely have pedals. Electric Bicycles are true bicycles, operation of the pedals is needed to progress further.  The battery sends its power to the motor, to amplify the movement of the pedals.  Therefore, the motor is limited in its assistance and does not distort the primary function of the bicycle.